Weather Conditions Updates - All Areas
Posted by John Peck on 21 September 2018 07:37 AM
Due to high winds and rain service has been affected within numerous areas of our network, in particular Troon & Hamilton Industrial Estate, below is a list of issues and resolves;

New Troon & Hamilton Mast 

  1. Main gigabit link which is a 2ft microwave is severely effected by mast movement and wind, bracing has been applied and the manufacturer is working with us to ascertain large signal drop- Ongoing 
  2. All Birstall/Hamilton service delivery links to be upgraded to Sub6 Licenses to include automatic 5Ghz radio failure back up on low signal and low throughput dropouts - Expected completion Wed 26th September 2016 
  3. New sub distribution mount servicing 5Ghz troon customers was damaged by wind yesterday and was repaired - Solved 

Important Notice 

  1. We request all customer register on the support portal to receive ongoing updates on service problems  
  2. Please refrain from calling or texting engineers mobile phones for service and support problems, engineers are often working on the problem you are dealing with and and calls can put their safety at risk, the best way to get updates is to visit the support portal or contact the office NOC [Network Operations Centre] : 01162438948
  3. Support portal :
  4. Calls will no longer be answered by engineers during support issue and you will not get a call back , so please email in or contact support to leave a message if you require a call back
  5. We would like to bring your attention to the fact that our wireless service will have issue in extreme weather conditions and acts of god in any service utility do happen. Abuse to staff members will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to terminate contracts instantly where abuse has occurred. We will always do our best for all customers and bring your attention to the fact that equivalent services can cost 3-6 x time more than our services costs.  
  6. Please contact us for disaster recovery options such as 4G/ADSL or FTTC back up lines

We thank you for your support and will keep you updated on the ongoing issues 


John Peck 
Network Manager 

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